Life Update

I’d like this blog to be an outlet for my personal life as well as my knitting life (as both of them are so intertwined). So, let’s update y’all on my life now.

Currently, I am in the Tdot with one of my bestest friends in the whole world. I have this huge desire to visit The Purple Purl: A highly anticipated yarn shop (in my world). We are, at this moment, making plans for the day and I plan to slip that suggestion into the mix. My friend does not share the same affinity for yarn as I do (yet). But, I need to convert at least one friend, right?

It is a dream of mine to having little knitting bees as I get older and I need at least one friend to be there… I will update you on my devilish plan to convert her next time.


What I’m up to

There was a time when I thought that I could keep knitting one project straight through until completion and then begin a new project. I thought “Hey, one project at a time will make me quicker and more efficient because my efforts will not be spread over several projects. I will be focused and finish what I’ve started”. Ha. Then this project came along .

Arabesque by Berocco. This afghan took one month to knit. But has somehow taken two months to stitch together. Sure, I ran out of yarn twice and I’m still out of yarn and the trim is not finished so, I definitely took up other projects after becoming so frustrated with this.

In its defense it is a beautiful blanket and I will be happy to finish when the time comes. But for now… absence makes the heart grow fonder ♥.

Here I begin

I originally intended to start blogging back in January when it was a new year and a fresh start but, resolutions always fail (at least when you have my procrastination technique). So, here I am. Beginning fresh on February 16, 2010. Just a few days into the Olympics. With Canada gaining a few medals and a constant eye to the television I began to think of this blog and how all things are possible. So, here I am. A month and a half off of my original start date, but, I am sure, with much content to bring. Actual knitting posts to come!